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20 funniest moments online dating history

Yet Ant Mc Partlin and Dec Donnelly have somehow become the undisputed kings of Saturday night TV.They have hosted many of the biggest shows in recent TV history and, for eight years running, have been voted the nation's favourite presenters at the National Television Awards.He told her about how we'd been in a restaurant and got quite drunk and were abusive to a Frenchman on the next table.She came into the interview and said: 'I think we've met before, I was in a restaurant with my boyfriend, he's French, and you were both drunk.' Dec went red and said: 'I'm so sorry about the way we behaved.' We didn't tend to appear on other TV shows but one invitation we did accept was an appearance on TFI Friday on Channel 4.When we got to the club, we'd find girls waiting for us. Peter Andre lived in the flat above us and in the evenings he'd go to the gym while we'd be working on our own six packs - of beer.But their boyfriends would get jealous and we'd do the gigs avoiding ashtrays, ice cubes and quite a lot of spit. Our first flat, in South-West London, was a pig-sty. When we became TV presenters, I found a place for myself and Ant bought the house for sale two doors away. DEC: Our one and only big fight was in a lift in Torremolinos, Spain, after an evening out.

What A Lovely Pair, the duo tell Nicole Lampert 20 of their most memorable showbiz moments...This was about finding an individual performer and we were really lucky that the finalists were Will Young and Gareth Gates. It also introduced us to Simon Cowell and we brought the world's attention to his high-waisted trousers.Gareth was the favourite but Will was a bit quirky. We joked about them so much he got quite self-conscious.When Ant got married, he and Lisa bought a house around the corner and I, too, started looking at other properties. Even I could see why people would think it a bit weird. It was 3am and we had to get up at 5am to perform our new single on GMTV's Fun In The Sun with Anthea Turner, the music event of the year if not the decade.We argued, because I wanted to go to bed, but we were so drunk we couldn't understand what the other one was saying.

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We did sketches where I dressed up as him with my trousers under my nipples. And I'm sure the future King of England isn't going to do it.

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