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When a situation may not benefit me and can cost me whether a monetary cost or a time cost…I will say no.I know by pre-judging some coffee dates I could be losing out on opportunities, but when I look at my track record, and where my business comes from…coffee dates are not at the top of the list – not even close. I know there are other businesses and people out there where it works very differently.Not that I am keeping track – but any smart business owner does track ROI of activities – and the ROI on my coffee dates have generally been a one sided tilt on the scale – and not in my favour.Now, I am not a person who does not like to give back, and I have definitely given a lot of my time and advice to others – but as a business owner I also need to say no sometimes.Investors in Sense.ly’s Series B round included the Mayo Clinic, Chengwei Capital which led the round, Bioved Ventures, Fenox Venture Capital and the Stanford Start X fund.Chengwei Capital Managing Director Richard Gu tells Tech Crunch that his firm only invests in startups that have a “China play,” meaning their apps could serve massive markets there, or their technology could be manufactured in China.There are reasons from both sides as to the pros and cons of having ‘coffee’ and it does confuse me a little whether I am for or not for, having ‘coffee’.On the Anti-Coffee side…working virtually and primarily for clients who are not located in my city – let alone my province or even country – time away from my office is actually billable time lost.

Having coffee can be a good experience and a good use of networking time if you make it worth everyone’s time.Patients can simply talk to the app, no typing required.What they share through check-ins is rolled up into a medical record that only authorized health providers can review.The company’s app helps physicians stay in touch with patients, and prevent readmission to the hospital.Chief Executive Officer and founder of Sense.ly, Adam Odessky describes the platform as “A cross between Whatsapp and Siri that captures all the important signals about a person’s health.” On the patient side, asks users to tell a nurse avatar how they’re doing with 5-minute “check ins” either once a day, or every few days, on their smartphones.

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